Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome to the YMP Demo Page

You have come to the demo blog for Yahoo Media Player. You may find the link in right hand side column for Yahoo Media Player Demos in different modes.
You may check this tutorial on Waqar's Blog for installing it in blogger blog.


  1. waqar thanks for providing the tutorial ....i already have read it..but what will the the benefit of this....if you can explain it ...

  2. @MAX3LOGIC - mlm software in noida
    This widget will make all the MP3 Links in your blogger page playable right there.
    You may check below two links for a demo
    Swar Srijan
    Demo YMP

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  4. Hai waqar,
    I done like this only but didn't get player.
    I want some demo video snd to my mail plz plz..
    advance thanks dude